July 27 Featured Cars: Pop the Hood

Popped Hood SS Grey
Looks like this car is all about showing off. Thanks to our reader Bob Swain for sharing.

1985 sebring mx 500 austin healey mkiii 3000 chevy roadster
“My ’85 Sebring MX 500….(1960’s Austin Healey MK III 3000 inspired)†406 cu in. Chevy…Chevy THD350 Trans…Ford 9′ rear. 2,300 lbs. curb wt…..435 hp That’s 5lbs per horsepower….A fun little roadster.” – John Goodman

383 stroker 650cfm 700r4 slap
“383 STROKER, DUAL EDELBROCK 650CFM, 700R4,B&M SLAP” – Christopher Mickinkle

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