July 13 – Today’s Featured Cars

At Smoking Rubber Magazine we like to give credit to some the hottest rides around! The images you will find below are our Rides of the Day, submitted by you! If you’d like your ride to be featured all you have to do is submit a photo on our site!

from: Glen Mewing: “This is my 1968 Ford Torino which I purchased in November of 1980, while still in High School, that I still own today. It has a 302 punched 0.60, 506 lift 300 duration cam, 1968 4bbl heads, Offenhauser dual quad intake manifold, two Carter 500’s, automatic transmission, and a 355 rear end. Hope you like.”

from: John Bunyard: “”

from: Thomas Walford: “”

from: Tony Pedro: “My Wife and kid LOL”

So what are you waiting for? Give your car a good wash, take a photo and send it our way! We love to see what you’re driving!

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