July 1 – Today’s Featured Cars

At Smoking Rubber Magazine we like to give credit to some the hottest rides around! The images you will find below are our Rides of the Day, submitted by you! If you’d like your ride to be featured all you have to do is submit a photo on our site!

What do you guys think of the rims? A nice touch in my opinion, but I could go either way!

from: SuperStructure EliteKennels: “My 85 Camaro Iroc z28! Freshly painted ..”

from: Joe Marino: “A photo from Joe”

Straight outta my dreams and onto the road, this things a beauty! What do you guys think of the supercharger? I think it really takes this baby to the next level.

from: Dalton Blundell: “69 Firebird.”

from: Rich Manning: “”

If you enjoyed today’s featured rides, don’t forget to submit your photo! If there’s anyone who will appreciate your rideas much as you do,it’s us.

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