4 Famous Muscle Cars from TV

famous muscle cars tv

You remember seeing tons of cars on TV growing up ñ slick Chargers, Corvettes, and Mustangs that mightíve even sparked your interest in muscles.

Tons of shows from the ë60s, ë70s, and ë80s featured beauties of all makes and models, but we think a handful stand out from the crowd.

Read below to see our favorites, as well as updates on where these classics are today.

1. The General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard

We think this 1969 Dodge Charger probably wins by a landslide in terms of televisionís iconic muscle cars, and it’s because this ride has lots of personality. Featured in almost every episode of the show, this baby saw tons of different stunts along the way ñ which might explain why a few hundred different General Lees were used throughout the showís history.

  • Where is it now? The very first General Lee ever built ñ known as LEE 1 ñ was actually discovered in a Georgia junkyard more than a decade ago. Check out Gary Schneiderís website for the entire story, as well as photos of the original General Lee when he found it and throughout the restoration process. After being restored, it was put up for auction and purchased by professional golfer and Masters winner Bubba Watson for $110,000.

2. The Ford Gran Torino from Starsky & Hutch

Affectionately called the ìstriped tomato,” this cherry red Gran Torino sported a white stripe down either side and was an iconic part of this cop drama. The Torino was Starskyís car and saw a lot of stunt action throughout the series, which called on Ford Gran Torinos from 1974, 1975, and 1976. The six Torinos used on the show were typically souped up so theyíd accelerate rapidly for scenes.

Paul Michael Glaser, who played Starsky, famously despised this car. Beyond thinking it was ugly, he thought there was no way a pair of undercover cops would drive around in such a flashy and easy-to-spot vehicle. (Okay, he has a point there, but it made for good TV!)

  • Where is it now? Click here to read detailed accounts of who owns both the TV and movie versions of these cars. If you click ìTV Torinos,î you can read collectorsí stories of how they came across these vehicles and see pictures of how they look today.

3. The Corvette Convertible from Route 66

What better way to travel across the US than behind the wheel of a Corvette? This fictional TV series was filmed on-location across America and delved into tons of different social issues of the times (the 1960s), and the trusty Corvette was always there to serve as the hostsí transportation. The traditional Corvette was eventually replaced with Corvette Sting Rays, though the hosts didnít get to actually drive these bad boys when the cameras werenít filming.

  • Where is it now? Figuring out where these Corvettes are now is tricky. Thereís one that was auctioned off in Hollywood and can sometimes be seen in auto shows, while thereís at least one Corvette owner out there who suspects he owns an original from the series but isnít quite sure.

4. The Pontiac Firebird Esprit from The Rockford Files †††††††††††

Who could forget Jim Rockfordís shiny gold Pontiac Firebird from this longtime ë70s TV show? Often seen in chase scenes, this car was replaced almost every season with the yearís latest version and dusted in copper paint. Actor James Garner, a part-time car racer himself, did about half of the stunt driving on the show.

  • Where is it now? Because about three cars were used each season, there are several out there ñ but Rockford Files fan Patrick McKinney might take the cake with three cars, only one of which is currently being restored, that are all confirmed to be originals from the show.

These werenít the only muscle cars to grace TV sets back in the day, but they definitely left the biggest impressions with viewers and were big focal points of the shows. Plus, itís pretty cool to see that some of these classics have been restored to their former glory.†

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