February 24 Rides of the Day!!

At Smoking Rubber Magazine we like to give credit to some the hottest rides around! The images you will find below are our Rides of the Day, submitted by you! If you’d like your ride to be featured all you have to do is submit a photo on our site!

from: Ralph Ogata: “He races his Blue Shelby Cobra! I drive my Red Ford Focus! I really doubt he’d have as much fun driving the Focus!”

from: Scott Woodhouse: “A collection that has won trophy’s, burnt plenty of rubber and had lots of love. I am in a position that I must thin out my heard. I was told over and over that I loved my cars more than my wife…..not exactly but they are much more reliable.”

from: Scott Woodhouse: “My next project stored in a garage almost for thirty years! 22 feet of good ole american Steele.”

from: David Livingston: “MY 09 SRT8”

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