December 23 Featured Member Cars

vintage car

from: Denny Lingle: “Hey all, Denny Lingle here. My 58 Ford Custom 300. I’m the 3rd owner. Was originally the black and white police colors. Has a 292 with solid lifters, 312 heads ported and polished, and balanced, 64 Galaxie 9 inch shortened rear-end, with the original Ford-O-Matic tranny that was completely gone through and beefed up, with custom deep dish painted rims.Will be in line for a White Pearl Essence paint job with lavender and blue highlight flakes in the pearl. New front fenders, disc brakes, some minor interior work and a power steering addition this coming summer.”

drag racing

from: Anders Fingold: “My bros 1965 Catalina 2 2 smoking rubber at Island Dragway NJ”

drag racing

from: Papa Reg: “This is another one for the Nova Scotia Drag Racers. Wheels at attention!”

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